New planner, new pens #nerdsgonewild #cwu #accounting…

New planner, new pens 🙌🏻 #nerdsgonewild #cwu #accounting


10 thoughts on “New planner, new pens #nerdsgonewild #cwu #accounting…

  1. adymaylady says:

    Omg!! I love abything related to office stuff. I buy all my own stuff for work! #newplannersarelife

  2. purpledaze87 says:

    OMG I love school/office supplies.

  3. knd8787 says:

    @gb_11 you did summer quarter, right? I feel so bad for you lol

  4. knd8787 says:

    @calixtastahler at first I thought you were talking about actual classes haha

  5. knd8787 says:

    @calixtastahler it’s probably similar to buying new stuff for each quarter!

  6. @knd8787 bahaha well I did it enough times it might as well have been actual class exams!

  7. susancolecox says:

    I’m so glad you got new pens. You don’t really have many writing utensils!

  8. knd8787 says:

    @susancolecox lol fuck off, Geeg!

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